Our Company

Ringo is part of ICS Group, a multinational company active in the telecommunications market offering high quality, innovative mobile services to consumers and small business customers in the Italian market.

Having partnered with Nòverca (acting as a mobile virtual network operator), which, in turn, is using Telecom Italia’s Mobile network, Ringo’s coverage is exactly same as Telecom Italia Mobile covering 99.8% of the total Italian population.

Our Customers

Ringo is quickly gaining market share through our strategy of placing our customers at the core of our business decisions. What differentiates us from other mobile operators is our simplicity of offering, value for money, best in class customer service and the strength of our brand.

We value all our customers, no matter how big or small and even put in more effort to create telecom solutions that meet every budget for individuals and businesses alike.

We also place a special emphasis on migrant communities that have come to consider Italy as home, by making it easier for them to stay connected to their families abroad.

Our Employees

We believe that the essence of any company’s success lies within its employees, which is why our business culture is built upon appreciation, teamwork and integrity. Accordingly, customers experience our values throughout all our contact points.
From our CEO to the call center agent, our mission is to cater to all your needs and always make you feel welcomed.