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Give us a call on 404020
Send an email to

You can access your voicemail online by dialing +393505999202 or within Italy by simply dialing 415520.

Voice Roaming is available by default. Your Ringo SIM card automatically activates voice roaming as soon as you cross Italian borders. In case the roaming services are not working, just restart your mobile and you should be able to access the voice roaming services without any problem.

You can choose one of the following easy methods to recharge:

• Type *135*9911*PIN  followed by the # key.

   For example type *135*9911*123456789123#

• Call 405520 and follow the voice prompts.

You can check your available credit using one of the methods below:

• Type and dial *123#

• Or call 405520 and listen to your available balance.

You can enable your voicemail by dialing *62*393505999202#

And disable by dialing ##002#

• Dial *43# to activate call waiting.

• Dial #43# to deactivate call waiting.

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